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The Write Faster with Tarot Books

tarot, tarot reader, tarot cards, fortune telling, fortune teller,Are you stuck in a writing rut? Experiencing writer’s block? Struggling to come up with new ideas for your next writing project?

Go no further.

The Write Faster with Tarot books will help you create characters and design plots that will not only make writing fun but will tap into the vast amount of ideas and creative sparks that lie within you.

Now_Typewriter_01bCleanWith the Write Faster with Tarot- Books One and Two  you’ll not only get out of your rut and break through your block, but you’ll have fun doing it.

All you need is a deck of Tarot cards. And if, by chance, you don’t have a tarot deck, check out the Aecletic Tarot website where you can look at sample cards from hundreds of decks  and read reviews of the decks.

Tarot is a great way to come up with ideas for your writing projects. Not only is working with Tarot fun but you’ll never be at a loss for coming up with ideas for your writing.

Writing & Tarot Characters CoverWrite Faster with Tarot- Book One – Creating Characters, features tarot spreads that will not only help you create characters, but also probe into their psychology and start them on their story journey. You’ll also be taken step by step through the spreads to see how to create your own characters using the Tarot.

Although Write Faster with Tarot – Book One- Creating Characters  and Book Two-Structuring Plots are only available at Amazon, you don’t need to own a Kindle to read it. You can download the Kindle App for any device at the Kindle App Download page.

You can purchase the book here: Amazon

Writing & Tarot Plotting CoverThe second book in the series, Write Faster with Tarot – Book Two – Structure Plots, will help you come up with and structure plots for all those wonderful characters you created using the first book. Just as in Book One, Structuring Plots will provide you with tarot spreads to help you brainstorm plots for your story.

You can purchase the book here: Amazon



Downloads – Below are links to downloads of all the PDFs in both books.

Archetypes Spread

Character Circle

Freytag Pyramid

Tarot Brainstorming

Four Act Structure

Hero’s Journey Spread

Three Aspects of Character

Who Am I?



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