The Sapphire Desire Series

In the Sapphire Desire series you will discover enticing romances that explore all facets of romantic and erotic love, set in captivating places and involving engaging characters.

Sapphires are usually associated with the favor of the divine, their beautiful blue color associated with the sky and the heavens. Symbolically, they represent truth, faithfulness and sincerity.

In the Sapphie Desire series, you will find love stories that embody all these qualities, along with sizzling sex and enchanting romance.

Her Immortal Love

Her Immoral Love, Diana Castle, immortality, younger man, older woman, paranormal romance, romance, erotic romanceWhen Lydia March meets Tristan Drake, a handsome, sexy, younger man who adores her, she believes she has found the perfect man to ease the pain of her divorce from her cheating ex-husband.

But when her own doubts and those of her family regarding her relationship with Tristan begin to grow stronger, can Lydia hold on to the happiness she’s found with Tristan?

Especially when she discovers that he’s not been entirely truthful with her?

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Her Lone Wolves

Diana Caste, her Lone Wolves, werewolves, erotic romance, paranormal romance, werewolf romance,After outdoor photographer Jane Evans crashes her car during a blizzard in the mountains, she is eventually rescued, but discovers she is now trapped in a secluded hideaway with three mysterious, rugged and very virile men.

Jane soon discovers that not only are the men werewolves but one of them, their riveting, domineering leader, Everett McKinnon, wants to kill her for having stumbled upon their secret as much as he desires to claim her as his mate.

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