Temptation, Diana Castle, Erotic Western, How CowboysThe second book in The Hot & Spicy West Trilogy

Cora Early is homely, and she’s never believed otherwise. In fact, she had feared she would never marry and would end up a spinster.

Instead, she’s married to the handsome, ex-outlaw, Frank Early.

After doing time in prison, Frank married Cora, who looked after him when he was shot while robbing a bank. At first their life is a happy one, despite the hardships that come with starting a farm.

But now that farm is failing, and Frank is growing restless and unhappy. So unhappy that he won’t even make love to Cora anymore.

Can Cora save her marriage when Frank’s ex-partner in crime, the darkly seductive Levi Burton, shows up and proves not only a temptation to her husband to return to his outlawing ways, but also to the sexually frustrated Cora?

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