The Hot & Spicy West

The Hot & Spicy West Series – Tantalizing tales of love and passion in the Old West.

Under His Hands, Diana Castle, Erotic Western, Hot CowboysUnder His Hands
The First Book in The Hot & Spicy West Series

Hannah O’Rourke is the strong-minded, passionate mistress of the Circle B, one of the largest cattle ranches in the territory. She inherits the huge ranch after her husband dies of heart failure in the bed of a whore.

Brokenhearted, she vows never to remarry.

Lucas Chase is the Circle B’s tough, ruggedly handsome ranch foreman. He’s as skilled at pulling cows out of quagmires as he is at tying Hannah up to her four-poster bed. But he wants more than secretly riding his hands hard on her once a month.

He wants Hannah as his wife.

Hannah trusts Lucas with her body when she’s trussed up and naked under his hands. But with her heart? That’s another matter entirely.

It all comes to a head one hot and sultry night when Lucas lays down an ultimatum.

Marry him or he’s leaving.

Temptation, Diana Castle, Erotic Western, How CowboysTemptation
The Second Book in The Hot & Spicy West Series

Cora Early is homely, and she’s never believed otherwise. In fact, she had feared she would never marry and would end up a spinster.

Instead, she’s married to the handsome, ex-outlaw, Frank Early.

After doing time in prison, Frank married Cora, who looked after him when he was shot while robbing a bank. At first their life is a happy one, despite the hardships that come with starting a farm.

But now that farm is failing, and Frank is growing restless and unhappy. So unhappy that he won’t even make love to Cora anymore.

Can Cora save her marriage when Frank’s ex-partner in crime, the darkly seductive Levi Burton, shows up and proves not only a temptation to her husband to return to his outlawing ways, but also to the sexually frustrated Cora?

Diana Castle, Hot & Spicy West, Branded, Erotic Western, Hot Cowboys

The third book
in The Hot & Spicy West Series. 

The day Ethan Chandler meets the new bride of fellow rancher Bill Summerland, a cruel, ruthless man who’s far older than his lovely young wife, he finds himself drawn to Lilith’s beauty and spirit and soon resolves to find a way to make her his.

One way or another.

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