Book Woman

Diana Castle loves reading, writing and doing tarot. If she could do all three at the same time she would. When she’s not writing or reading or doing tarot, she’s thinking much too about hard about how to avoid stuffing herself with chocolate. She pretty much takes the world as it comes, finding delight in its wonders and trying her best not to let its heartbreaks weigh her down.

That’s where the chocolate comes in. And the reading, writing and doing tarot.

Under the name Anna Black, she’s published a few erotic short stories in anthologies published by Simon & Schuster, Cleis Press, Logical Lust, Blue Moon, and Running Press and edited by Zane, Alison Tyler, Cecilia Tan, Lori Perkins, Maxim Jakubowski and D.L. King.

But her interests when it comes to fiction ranges from mysteries to sci-fi to fantasy and beyond. If it’s something she enjoys or finds interesting, she’ll read it or write it.

She’s a big fan of Dr. Who, Firefly, Sleepy Hollow, Murdoch Mysteries, and British mystery television series.