NaNoWriMo Day #10 – Who Loves Ya?

Although my NaNo novel is not a romance per se, the romance is important. Because I’ve been having a bit of trouble determining the dynamics of the relationship, I decided to do a quick spread called the Love and Relationship Celtic Cross (modified.) It’s similar to the Celtic Cross spread but does not have as many cards.

I used the Spiral Tarot deck.

Here is a picture of the layout.

Love Spread

I often do this with my characters, meaning I read for them. It’s a great way to get some insight into my characters and/or to break any blockage I may be experiencing.

Position 1 – What is the central problem/issue in the relationship?

Card drawn: The Star – Since I’m wanting to know what the problem/issue is in this relationship, I looked at the reverse meanings. The key words that jumped were out were disappointment, stubbornness and unfulfilled hopes.

The hero and heroine have both disappointed the other regarding their dreams and hopes for their relationship and both are too stubborn to admit they’re wrong.

Position 2 – What is blocking them from solving their problems?

Card drawn – The Three of Cups. Cups are usually symbolic of love but in this case, again, I’ll look at the reversed meanings. The keyword that jumped out “lack of appreciation.” Ah, that makes sense. Neither appreciated the strengths of the other. They were too focused on the weaknesses. Sometimes in a relationship we don’t appreciate the good points of our partners. Big problem. Both the hero and heroine were too focused on what was wrong. Not on what was right about their relationship.

Position 3 – What are the unconscious/underlying factors?

Card drawn – Princess of Pentacles –  In this deck, what is usually known as the Page is called a Princess. I see this card as representing my heroine. She is a  practical, down-to-earth kind person (Pentacles usually represent that kind of personality) but the hero isn’t. He tends to reside in a more intuitive world of possibility. He wants to deal with what can be. She, with what is. And,also, she’s the one who broke it off because, in her eyes, it made sense to do so if things weren’t going to get any better.

Position 4 – What is the best higher guidance?

Card drawn – Ace of Cups – The penultimate representation of love. They’ve got to find a way to fall in love again and that means trusting, listening, being open to seeing the other for why they really are. Won’t be easy, however. If it’s too easy, I’ve got no story.

Position 5 – What are the past influences?

Card drawn – Nine of Pentacles – This card usually means accomplishment and material well-being. I know that one of the reasons my heroine called it off with the hero is that she thought he didn’t appreciate her accomplishments, and she often felt as if she were alone anyway since he spent most of his time immersed in his work. So, finally, she thought it would be better if she just struck on her own as the Nine of Pentacles often portrays a woman alone in a garden.

Position 6 – What is the likely outcome?

Four of SwordsWell, honestly, I don’t know yet. I have a vague idea as to how it’s going to end. But, it’s interesting that I pulled the Four of Swords, which in this deck shows a woman wrapped in a blanket. And she’s alone. Because this image for the Four of Swords is not one that’s typically seen in other decks, I looked up the meaning in the book that came with the deck. Here is what it said:

A woman has turned her back on the world. She has been asleep for some time. A candle has burnt out and the door is bolted.

That’s not the card I’d usually like to see as an outcome for a relationship BUT I’m not writing a romance. The romance is important but it’s not the overall thrust of the story. And it is the first book in a potential series. So, there’s a possibility my heroine might wind up either alone, unreconciled with the hero, or something else. I don’t know. But that’s okay, It gives me something to think about.

Wow, that really helped. I still have details to work out regarding the relationship but I have a bit more clarity now.