NaNoWriMo Day 6

Did a quick reading this morning to get some advice on how to proceed with NaNo. I’m a bit off the pace because I started late so just wanted to see what I should be paying attention to or avoiding.

Used the Illuminati Tarot, which is another of my favorite decks.

The MoonAce of WandsThe High Priestess

The Moon – This card often speaks of deception or of deceiving one’s self. It’s also the card of dreams, illusions, psychic abilities, the untamed versus the tamed. What I need to do is not delude myself as to how much work and writing I still have to do. Self-doubt is creeping in, as it always does when I write. Am I writing the right story? Is this dumb? Does this suck?

The Ace of Wands – One of the most creative cards in the deck. The will directed toward a goal. This card represents my desire to succeed with NaNo this year. And I can’t help but see the wand as some kind of writing instrument, like a pen, although I’m using a laptop to write. But the pen is the universal symbol of writing.

The High Priestess – This is my Soul Card, so this card is definitely me. Also, look, she’s holding a book. My NaNo novel. Finally finished.

This spread is telling me the best way to deal with any doubts I have about my writing is to keep writing in spite of them. And to find creative ways of doing that. As a matter of fact I’m currently reading Twyla Tharp’s book The Creative Habit. But it’s going to be hard work. The Ace of Wands is a great card for any creative endeavor but it only represents the spark, the initiation of creative effort. There’s still a lot of hard work to be done before the finish.