NaNoWriMo Day 3

So I’m finally getting words down for NaNo. It only took Day 3 for me to get started. I work weekends so that threw me off somewhat. The time change didn’t help either. Was nice to get an extra hour of sleep but the day at work on Sunday dragged!

Plus first chapters are always a hurdle for me. But once I get that first chapter done, I’m usually fine.

I plan on using the Tarot a lot this NaNo. I’m gonna need the inspiration and guidance I suspect. I pulled these three cards from my Ancestral Path Tarot deck, one of my favorite decks, to get some insight on today and the fact I’m starting late.

ancestralempress - Copyanc9s - Copyancestral-path-tarot - Copy

The Empress is telling me to have faith and patience and that my creative energy will flow and, that despite my fears I’m going to fail (Nine of Swords) I will succeed at NaNo. (The Sun).

Sounds good to me. I’ve been a bit concerned because I didn’t start on November 1st like I’d planned. So far I’ve gotten 546 words done but will do more before the day is done.