Using Tarot for NaNo Prep #21 – Write Faster with Tarot Ebooks

Writing & Tarot Characters CoverFor the remainder of this last week before NaNoWriMo starts, I’ll share some of the tarot and writing exercises you’ll find in my two new ebooks, Write Faster with Tarot – Creating Characters and Write Faster with Tarot- Structuring Plots.

Both books are based on workshops I’ve given in the past using Tarot and writing. If you’ll still having trouble coming up with ideas, characters or a plot for your NaNo novel these books and exercises might just be what you need.

In this post, I’ll explain how to use the Tarot for your writing.

First off you absolutely do not have to know all about Tarot, be a professional Tarot reader or spend months learning Tarot. You can use the cards to help with your writing right this minute. All you’ll need is a Tarot deck or a Tarot deck app. Now, granted, the apps tend to be cheaper than actual decks, but I think the more you actually handle the cards the more useful they’ll be to you. Creativity often involves using more than just your mind.

The Tarot is simply nothing more than a deck of cards, so don’t worry about all that esoteric, whoo-hoo stuff that often surrounds Tarot. That stuff is fun and enlightening and you can learn about it the plethora of books and websites available, but you don’t need to know it to use if for your writing. The major difference between the Tarot and a regular deck of playing cards is basically the pictures on the Tarot cards, which will help you generate ideas for your characters, plots and stories.

Here are images of some of the most famous paintings in the world.

The ScreamThe PearlHer WorldThe Old Couple

I’m sure you’ve seen some most of them before. Consider them for a moment and register what you feel as you look at them. Even better, jot down some of your impressions. Now, let yourself imagine one of these paintings as either a character in a novel or a setting or a scene.

I bet that was really easy, wasn’t it?

Now look at these images. Don’t worry about what the words on the cards or the numbers. Just look at the pictures.

Strength3 of CupsKing of Pentacles10 of Wands

Do the same thing you did with the paintings. Imagine the people or the situations as characters or scenes for a story.

What did you come up?

That’s all you have to do to use the tarot for writing. Look at the pictures and write down what you see or feel.

That’s not to say, however, that you can’t make use of the “meanings” of the cards. (I put meanings in parenthesis because, although each card does have a core, basic meaning, there are a lot of them for each card).Having studied Tarot for quite some time, I am very familiar with the meanings, but I also find myself looking them up.

But, again, you don’t have to have memorized the meanings of the cards in order to use them for writing.

Let’s say you want to come up with a character for a story. You use your app or your deck and pull this card.

Page of Swords

This is the Page of Swords. But don’t worry about that for the moment. Just look at the card. What do you see? A young man (or woman) standing on a hilltop holding a sword upright. Look closer. Notice the wind blowing his or her hair. The clouds billowing behind. The way he or she is standing. As if preparing to defend or attack.

What kind of a character does this suggest?

Someone young, perhaps? A person of integrity? A warrior type? Someone who’s willing to defend something important to her?

Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

I’ll talk more about tarot and writing for NaNo the rest of this week.

However, if you want to get started now on using tarot for your writing, please check out my two ebooks.

Writing & Tarot Characters CoverWriting & Tarot Plotting Cover

Write Faster with Tarot – Creating Characters – Available now at Amazon. Coming soon to other sales outlets

Write Faster with Tarot – Structuring Plots – Available now at Amazon. Coming soon to other sales outlets.

See you tomorrow!


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