NaNoWriMo Prep #20 – My 7 Favorite Movies about Writers

Movies3Need  more incentive for NaNoWriMo? Check out seven of my favorite movies about writers. Although some of them may make you NOT want to be a writer, but I’ve enjoyed them all. So grab some popcorn and check ’em out.

Shakespeare in Love – The Bard has writer’s block!

Cross Creek – A little-known movie about Marjorie Rawlings, the writer of The Yearling,and her time spent in the backwaters of Florida.

Sunset Boulevard – William Holden plays a down on his luck screenwriter who agrees to help the aging star, Norman Desmond, rewrite a script for her big comeback. A dark look at Hollywood and the cost of fame.

Possession – I love the book by A. S. Byatt that the movie is based on. I’m not as fond of the movie’s version of the contemporary storyline but I do love the storyline set in the past.

Old Acquaintances – I saw this move a few weeks ago on TCM. It stars Bette Davis as a serious playwright whose best friend, played by Miriam Hopkins, decides to write a book and becomes a big success writing pulp novels, which strains their friendship.

The last two movies are based on books by Stephen King. Probably not the best movies to watch if you’re wanting to be a writer, but they sure are fun!

Misery – A famous romance novelist, played by James Caan, has a car accident and is rescued and nursed by his “biggest fan”. But things start to get really crazy when his “fan” discovers Caan plans to kill off a beloved character.

The Shining – The ultimate movie about writer’s block! A writer takes his family to a hotel which is closed off for the winter and hopes the peace and quiet will help him to write.

Ah, but this movie is based on a book by Stephen King. Peace and quiet? Are you kidding?


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  1. Some others about writer’s are: The Ghost Writer, Freedom Writers, Finding Forrester, Secret Window (with Johnny Depp), As Good as it Gets (with Jack Nicholson), Alex & Emma, The Hours, Never Been Kissed, Chasing Amy, A Murder of Crows, Poetic Justice, The Pelican Brief, Miss Potter, The Dark Half (based on the book by Stephen King), Sleepless in Seattle, Romancing the Stone… Just to name a few. I love movies about writers or the writing life, etc.

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