NaNoWriMo Prep #10 – Creating Conflicting Characters – Part 2

Bake SaleDrivers and Amiables

In yesterday’s post on personality types I talked about Analyticals and Expressive.

Today I’ll address Drivers and Amiables.

Drivers are goal-driven, independent, action-oriented, competitive, self-reliant, productive, strong-willed, industrious, controlling, firm, serious and like to take charge.

Jayne from Firefly would be considered a Driver.Jayne Cobb

Amiables are calm, nurturing, cooperative, respectful, non-demanding, thoughtful, patient, tolerant, loyal, sympathetic and like to be liked.

Inara-chokerInara is an Amiable. Although Jayne and Inara did not interact as often as Kaylee and Simon and were not romantically involved, when they did interact there was usually some friction between them.

Imagine a meeting for a bake sale. The Driver would immediately take charge, handing out assignments, setting a goal as to how much the bake sale should make and throwing herself into doing whatever needs to be done, her nose to the proverbial grind stone.

The Amiable would be just as enthusiastic about the bake sale, thinking of how happy it will make the school band members to have enough money to buy new instruments. She’ll want to make sure that everyone is happy with their assignment, that the people who come to the bake sale enjoy themselves and, even if the bake sale doesn’t meet its monetary goal, she’ll have enjoyed spending time with so many people.

Now imagine these two in a room. The Driver is not happy the Amiable is spending so much time schmoozing with the other volunteers. She’s supposed to be negotiating with the bakery as to how many cupcakes they need to order.

On the other hand, the Amiable is wondering why the Driver is so uptight. It’s just a bake sale. If they don’t make enough money this time around there’s always next semester.

Conflict is the lifeblood of your story and the more the characters conflict, the more conflict there will be in your story.