NaNoWriMo Prep #3 – Genres – What is Your NaNo Novel?

Another useful thing to know about your NaNo Novel is its genre. Not only will this help you when you want to market your book to an agent, publisher or if you’re going to self-publish, but it will help guide you when you work on your plot and choose your characters.

You can either write specifically in a certain genre, for example, mystery, or you can blend genres, i.e. a dystopian-mystery. If you decide to do this it’s important you understand that you may have a bit of difficulty marketing the book (should the book be classified as a mystery or as a dystopian?) but it can be exciting to do so. For example, J.D. Robb writes a mystery series set in the near future but her books are usually found in the mystery section of the bookstore. Not science fiction.

Here is list of the most common genres.

Young Adult
New Adult
Science Fiction

If you’d like a list of sub-genres, there’s a great one over at Writer’s Digest that can help you narrow your genre even more.

I’ve also added a link to a website about the evolving New Adult genre.

When you sign up at NaNoWriMo, you’ll find that there are forums specifically for different genres. This can be helpful not only because of the camaraderie but for getting assistance with your novel. If your NaNNo novel is a historical, for example, over in the Historical Fiction forum you can asks questions of your fellow historical novelists. Or help answer someone else’s questions.

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