Tarot Thursday – New Tarot Decks!

I opened my Chrysalis Tarot deck today and I wasn’t disappointed! This is one of the loveliest tarot decks I’ve come across in quite some time. The cards are beautifully designed and the images immediately draw you into another realm of awareness. The accompanying booklet written by Toney Brooks is not only a wonderful guide to the cards, but helps to clarify how the cards should be used in a reading. And, I should add that reading the booklet itself is eye-opening and, combined with the cards, I find myself looking forward to doing readings with it.

Needing to pay a visit to the local New Age store in order to buy more incense, I couldn’t resist purchasing two more decks. One is an oracle deck. The Oracle of Visions by a favorite of mine, Ciro Marchetti. I haven’t opened this deck yet, but I have no doubt I won’t be disappointed with it. The Legacy of the Divine Tarot, which Marchetti also designed, is one of my favorite decks.

The other new tarot deck I bought is the Paulina Tarot by Paulina Cassidy. One of the reasons I can’t resist buying new tarot decks is that every artist brings a vision and voice to their cards that may or may not resonate with me. Most of the cards I own that resonance definitely exists. This was a deck I initially hesitated to purchase when I first came across it as I thought it too whimsical for my tastes. But having bought it and gone through the cards, I’m glad I did. Ms. Cassidy’s artwork may not be to everyone’s taste, but I discovered not only an airy lightness of being to the cards which was refreshing, but an ethereal beauty which was profound. I also have Ms. Cassidy’s Joie de Vivre Tarot, and she has a new one out called Witchlings, which I hope to get at some point.

As a tarot reader and collector, I can’t begin to express  how grateful I am so many talented artists and writers are designing tarot decks. Not only are we as readers and collectors enjoying a veritable cornucopia of tarot decks (I remember back in the day when there were only a handful of decks being published!), but we’re lucky to have so many decks to fit so many perspectives. Depending upon my mood that day, I don’t doubt I’ll find a deck to work with that will either reflect or challenge my mood.

Kudos to all the hard-working tarot artists and writers! Thank you!