Tarot Tuesday – 365 Tarot Spreads

Yes, I repeat. 365 tarot spreads. That’s what you’ll find in the book 365 Tarot Spreads – Revealing the Magic in Each Day by Sasha Graham. I recently received my copy and I can’t say enough about this book. It literally has 365 spreads (or 366 as there’s also a spread for February 29th).

Each spread (or day) has a brief anecdote about that day, which also makes it a very informative book. And each day (spread) gives explanations of cards from the tarot.

For example, since today is May 20, the spread is called The Slow Down Spread. Why? Because on that date in 1899 a New York cabbie was arrested for driving his horseless carriage 12 mph down Lexington Avenue.

I decided to do the Slow Down Spread today because I’ve been feeling a bit hurried and stressed.

I used the Deviant Moon Tarot, which is not only one of my favorite decks, but it’s fantastical imagery is perfect for the particular mood I’m in.

Position 1- What do I need to slow down and pay attention to? Card I got – The World – That card is very appropriate. I definitely need to get out of my own head and start paying attention to what’s going on around me. That may sound contradictory, because if I’m wanting to slow down, the last thing I need is to be paying attention to all the tumult and chaos that’s going on in the world, but since a lot of my feeling hurried and stressed out is more internal, it just might help me get my perspective back if nothing else.

Position 2 – What am I trying to avoid? – Card I got. – Six of Swords – On the Deviant Card Tarot it shows a person sailing across an ocean in a balloon. He’s escaping a burning city and heading for what he hopes will be a safer place. I’m probably trying to avoid the fact that if I want to change my life I’m going to have to take a risk. To move beyond where I’m currently existing and search out new vistas. Not literally, I’m assuming, but more internally. I’m trying to avoid the inevitability of change.

Position 3 – How can I enjoy my ride more? – Card I got – Seven of Swords – The card shows a harlequin swallowing swords. Yikes. I get the feeling I’m not going to be able to really enjoy this ride, but I also have no choice. I have to keep going forward and do the best I can.

Position 4 – What is my reward for stopping to smell the roses? Card I got – Queen of Cups – I take this to mean that if I take the time to listen to my inner self I’ll be granted more creativity.

Ten of Swords – Deviant Moon Tarot by Patrick Valenza

Position 5 – What will happen if I don’t slow down? Card I got – Ten of Swords – Hmmm. A lot of swords in this spread. But that fits in with the fact its my own thoughts and inner doubts that I’m struggling with. I’m going to share this card because the imagery is pretty evocative. Slow down or go crazy!

Position 6 – What toll does this take on my physical body? – Card I got – Ace of Wands – Reversed – Definitely a lack of energy. Feeling drained and lethargic.

Position 7 – What small adjustment shall I calculate on my internal GPS – Card I got – The Emperor – What a great question! The Emperor is telling me I need to be more focused and structured. If my thoughts and ambitions are running in twelve different directions, it’s because I have no real plan. How the heck can I hope to get anything done without a plan! I can’t!

I highly recommend this book. The spreads in the book are great if you’re reading for yourself and would like to tap into your inner resources or if you would like to come up with new spreads for clients.

Since I use my tarot cards for creative writing, I see a lot of potential in these spreads for coming up with story ideas, creating characters and plotting stories.

Big thumbs up!