Tarot Thursday – The Chrysalis Tarot

The Chrysalis Tarot

I placed my order today for this tarot deck, which came out this month and, from what I’ve heard, is already going into its second printing! Amazon was out of stock of it for nearly two weeks!

I can see why. Have you seen this deck? It’s absolutely gorgeous and my fingers are itching to start working with it.

The deck is illustrated by Holly Sierra. I wasn’t familiar with her artwork, but I’m definitely a fan now. You can check out her work at her website.

It’s written by Toney Brooks, who also writes for the Chrysalis Tarot blog over at its website.  I highly recommend you check out the blog because not only can you see more of the images of the cards, but the posts are quite insightful.

They also have a page over at Facebook. There’s even more there about the evolution of the deck, stunning images from the cards and information about accompanying tarot bags and other items you can order.

Oh, yeah, I’m definitely spreading the word about this deck! I should have mine next week and after I’ve had a chance to work with it, I’ll write up a review.

The World Card from the Chrysalis Tarot – Art by Holly Sierra

Just to give you an example of why I’m so stoked about this deck, check out The World card from the deck. Not only is it absolutely beautiful, but the imagery evokes all that  The World card is about. Success, joy, wholeness, happiness, fulfillment.