Tarot Tuesday – Xena’s Tarot Episode

I used to watch Xena back in the day. Remember Xena, the Warrior Princess? She, along with Hercules, were the must-watch TV shows back in the 90’s. So how did I miss this episode? Yes, that’s Xena as the High Priestess from the Rider Waite deck.













The episode is “The Bitter Suite” from Season 3 of Xena: The Warrior Princess. Apparently, there’s a lot of tarot stuff going on in this episode. I don’t even recall the episode, but who knows where my mind was back then.

There’s also this scene from the episode:












I had no idea there was so much tarot imagery in this episode. As I said, I’d never seen the episode.

I know what I’m going to be watching on Netflix. 🙂