5 Movies I’ve Recently Watched

Five movies I’ve watched in the past week or so.

1. Pacific RimReviewed this movie. Still loving it. Except for you know who. Hint: Scientist guy with annoying voice.

2. Man of Steel – I really wanted to like this movie because c’mon, Henry Cavill is probably one of the best physical specimens to put on the red cape since Christopher Reeve did. But the movie was too long, too noisy, saddled with a rather overly complicated plot  that wasn’t all that interesting and with absolutely zero sexual/romantic chemistry between Cavill and Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Plus I also didn’t like the washed-out look of it. Everybody looked so pale and worn-out in the movie.

3. Live and Let Die

A rather ridiculous James Bond movie with some equally ridiculous characters, but it does have a very young and lovely Jane Seymour, a great title song by Paul McCartney and Wings and tarot cards!

4. The Great Gatsby

Reviewed this one also. Loved it!

5. Riddick

Seriously. Why was this movie even made? I really liked Pitch Black, the movie which introduced the character of Riddick. Chronicles of Riddick, however, was this big, bombastic space opera with absolutely no plot or at least the plot made absolutely no sense. With Riddick, you could definitely tell the budget for it had been slashed considerably from the second movie. Karl Urban, reprising his role from Chronicles,  appears at the beginning for about a minute or so and then is never seen again and, from then on, the movie is some kind of half-assed remake of Pitch Black. I cared about the characters in Pitch Black. I didn’t care if any of the characters in Riddick got eaten, gouged, slashed, disemboweled, whatever, by the monsters.

I did like the alien dog/jackal/hyena though.