Tarot Thursday – And Still More of My Tarot Decks!

Yes, more of my tarot decks! Aren’t you excited? 🙂

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Starting in the center, then moving from the top clockwise:

The Victorian Romantic Tarot 

Spiral Tarot

Crystal Tarot

Tarot of Jane Austen – Yes, I kid you not! It’s a great deck!

The Goddess Tarot

Aquarian Tarot – One of the first tarot decks I ever owned! I cut my tarot teeth on this deck, along with the Rider-Waite deck.


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2 Responses to Tarot Thursday – And Still More of My Tarot Decks!

  1. I’m partial to that Goddess deck 😉

  2. Diana Castle says:

    It’s a lovely deck and there’s a gorgeous book that goes with it. http://goo.gl/0C30iF

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