Tarot Tuesday – More of My Tarot Decks!

Well, the other shoe has finally dropped at my job and yours truly is going to have to look for another one. Yes, it appears my welcome has been completely and utterly worn out at my current job. Had a bit of row, shall we say, with my supervisor today.

He’s a jerk and it’s a crap job anyway!

So, for Tarot Tuesday, I’m going to share more of my tarot decks as I didn’t have time to write a complete post due to my having to restrain myself from throwing whatever was near at hand at my asshole of a boss! How do some people get into a position of authority and possess the intellect of a microbe I’ll never fully comprehend.

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Starting from the left and going clockwise:

The Wild Wood Tarot 

The New Palladini 

The Golden Tarot of Klimt

The Sun and Moon Tarot

Legend: Arthurian Tarot



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