Defiance, Game of Thrones and a Con

Started watching Defiance Season 1 through my On Demand cable service. I’d heard about it, but hadn’t really gotten a chance to see it. It’s no Firefly, but what is. It does have that western/science fiction hybrid feel to it, you know roving bands of tribal aliens, the settlement on the edge of the frontier, the lawman, his deputies, the prostitute and her brothel, etc.  But so far, I’m enjoying it. I see the season premiere is  June. I’ll be all caught up with Season 1 by then.

Defiance – Syfy Channel

Game of Thrones premieres on Sunday. I still haven’t order HBO yet. All I need to do is use my remote so hopefully I won’t forget before Sunday.

Oh, well, the show must go on. *sniff*

Oh speaking of Game of Thrones, PBS has a video up where a scholar of medieval literature takes a look at the show. And, no, it’s not as dry as it sounds. Check it out here!

Going to be at OddCon today and this weekend. If I attend any interesting panels or see anything interesting I’ll post it.