The Hollow Crown

BBC’s The Hollow Crown

So I’m finally getting a chance to watch the BBC’s production of The Hollow Crown. I remembered when it came on my local PBS station last fall and I couldn’t watch it because I worked every weekend. Now I’m finally getting a chance to see it thanks to my local library which has it on DVD. I’m nearly done with the first disc, which is Richard II, and I already have on hold at the library, Disc 2, which is Henry IV, Part 1. I’m looking forward to seeing Jeremy Irons as Henry IV and Tom Hiddleston as Henry V.

Speaking of working every weekend, I had a nice little chat with my supervisor last night and I told him that since I’ve been working every weekend for over a year and a half now (ugh!), and since spring is, well, it’s trying to arrive, at least around these parts, and the days are getting longer and it was a hard, cold, harsh winter I need to have some weekends off.

He’s going to run it by the big kahuna of our department to see if I can work every other weekend. I didn’t want to even do that. I wanted to get off weekends entirely, but I get extra pay for working the weekends so I figure every other weekend, at least until I strike it rich (haha!) is better than every weekend.

Plus, Games of Thrones is starting up next weekend and I want a chance to watch some episodes on Sunday instead of having to wait until it shows up On Demand. I don’t have DVR because I already pay enough for the darn cable as it is.

So, anyway, for the time being I’m still on the working every weekend shift, bu I hope they change my schedule soon. I’m actually off next weekend to go to Odd Con, so there’s at least that. 🙂