Too Stupid To Live on Walking Dead?

Walking Dead – AMC

TSTL, or Too Stupid to Live, is usually associated with a certain kind of  heroine found in romance or romantic suspense novels. It means the heroine does something utterly mindless or stupid that gets her into trouble. I don’t think, however, it should only be applied to female characters. Male characters are also guilty of this.

TV Tropes has an article about it. They call it Too Dumb to Live.

Now, characters are, of course, not real people. They’re the creations of someone and whatever they do or don’t do is not because of any neurons firing off in their brains. It’s because whoever created them wrote them that way.

Some writers insist that characters take on a life on their own. I’m assuming they mean that in a metaphorical sense because I don’t care how “realistic” a character may seem, it’s not real, it’s not alive and it’s only going to do what you, the creator, cause him or her to do.

The reason I bring this up is that Walking Dead is nearing its season finale with one final episode to go and lately, I tell you, I’ve seen some of the characters do stuff that just doesn’t make any sense. Especially considering their dire circumstances and what they’ve experienced already.

Some people have tried to attribute these dubious actions to what the characters have gone through in the past, but when I find myself not understanding AT ALL is why some of these characters, in the face of situations that anyone with half a brain could see are highly questionable if not downright suspicious and, if nothing else, should be carefully weighed upon before proceeding (because we are talking life and death here) but, instead the characters just blithely go ahead and do the things they do and make the choices they make and, well, at least to me, calls into question what exactly are the writers doing.

Are they just being lazy and not willing to try and figure out a way to ensure that a character winds up in a particular situation other than by having the character’s IQ’s suddenly drop.  There has to be some reason for the assassination of a character like the  usually bad-ass, survivalist Daryl who, for some reason known only to whoever wrote that episode, opens a door at night(!) without checking first to make sure there isn’t a horde of walkers behind it or—wait—I don’t want to give away any spoilers from last night’s episode, but I will say this (and you’ll understand if you’ve already seen the episode or when you do see it) I wouldn’t haven’t lowered a frikkin‘ thing! I don’t care what some stupid sign said for me to do!

But the characters did as stupid sign told them to do and, well, I guess we’ll see what horrible fate awaits them in the final episode. And trust me, despite all my griping, I’m going to watch it. 🙂

How do I know it’s  going to be horrible? Because it’s Walking Dead.  What else could it be?

Look at the flowers.