Preparing for Tarot & Writing

tarot, tarot reader, tarot cards, fortune telling, fortune teller,As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m going to be writing a series of books on writing with the tarot. As part of my preparation, I’m designating Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week Tarot Tuesday and Tarot Thursday. I’ll blog about the tarot and, specifically, how you can use to it write creatively.

For the remainder of March, I’ll blog about the tarot, spreads, interpreting the cards, etc. My plan for April, however, is to delve more specifically into using the tarot for writing.

If you’re interested in joining me as I explore tarot and writing, all you’ll really need  is a pen and notebook or a tablet or a smartphone or a laptop or whatever you use to write and store stuff.

And a tarot deck.

You have a LOT of options available to you. There are so many tarot decks out there for all and any interests it boggles the mind. Aeclectic Tarot is the place to go to help you choose a tarot deck. Highly, highly recommend that website.

It not only has  links to just about every tarot deck out there, it also offers reviews and, best of all, you can see sample cards. That’s important because you want to choose a deck that you’ll like working with. Tarot decks are about images and colors, shapes and objects, people and settings.

Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore

You don’t want to choose a deck you can’t relate to. There are baseball tarot decks, vampire tarot decks, dragon tarot decks, cat tarot decks. There’s even a steampunk tarot and, as you saw in an earlier post, a zombie tarot.

But, if you don’t want to shell out a lot of money for a tarot deck, and you have the ability to download an app, check out the tarot apps at Galaxy Tone. Most of these app tarots will run you about, oh, four or five dollars, but you’ll have access to an entire tarot  deck and the apps are just as useful for writing with tarot as the cards themselves. I know, I have four of these apps and I love ’em!

Plus you get the non-pro Galaxy Tarot for free! The only difference between the free version and the pro version is the number of spreads you have available. Again, for using the tarot to write, the free version is perfectly fine.

You’ll probably find other tarot apps out there so just do a search for them.

So, if you have a tarot deck, cards or app, and a notebook, that’s all you’ll need. Oh, and, of course, the work you’ll put in doing the writing. I’ll provide the rest.

Tarot for Writers – Corrine Kenner

I also strongly recommend at some point that you get your hands on Corinne Kenner’s Tarot for Writers book. I mentioned before that this is THE book if you’re interested in writing and using tarot.

Okay, time for me to get ready to head to work. Putting in some extra hours tonight. But tomorrow I’ll talk about the tarot in general and on Thursday about using spreads.

Have a nice night!


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