Beware! Shameless Self-Promotion!

Diana Caste, her Lone Wolves, werewolves, erotic romance, paranormal romance, werewolf romance,I have to do this. I have to promote my latest book in this blog post. It’s important I do so because, in all honesty, I’m the kind of person who, at parties, will find some corner to lurk in and watch everyone else having fun. I go out of my way NOT to draw attention to myself. I like being the invisible woman.

I’m the introverts of all introverts. I’m the person who LOVES coming home and finding no phones messages waiting for her!

But writing is a business and like any business I have to advertise. I know there are already millions of books out there. More books than have ever been written or published in the history of humankind. And here I am adding another.

But I can’t help myself. I love writing, I love creating characters, I love telling stories, and when you tell stories you want to share them. Okay, and yes, make a little cheddar when you do. 😉

This particular story is about a woman who happens across some rather solitary-living (hence lone) werewolves who haven’t been with a woman in, well, quite some time.

It’s currently available for purchase at AmazonBarnes & Noble or AllRomance!

You can read the first chapter here for free.

Oh, and lest I forget, you should be 18  or older to read the excerpt because it’s got those words and those scenes in it.

I still think it’s rather odd and somewhat troubling that television is now replete with such incredibly explicit scenes of violence and gore that sometimes I actually have to close my eyes until the head-splitting and eye-gouging and spine or bowel or throat ripping out is over (two of my favorite shows are especially guilty of this), but we’re still so squeamish about sex. But that’s a topic for another time.

Anyway, please only read the excerpt if you’re 18 or older.

Now that I’m done huckstering my latest opus, I took a walk late this morning. Not an especially good day to be walking. The temps were in the teens and it felt like single digits. But I walked for about 30 minutes and told myself that after today, it can only be uphill temperature wise.

Speaking of uphill, I’m going to change my walking route. There’s a rather steep incline that last year I had the hardest time getting up. So that will be my walking challenge. To make it to the top of that “hill”.

It’s Sunday, so I have to work tonight. Walking Dead is winding down, There episodes to go. But I’m still steaming from last week’s episode. One of the characters, Daryl Dixon, is like this bad-ass zombie killer. He carries a cross bow and he’s super-deadly with it and not only is he able to survive on his own in the woods, but he’s like the coolest character on the show.

But last week the writers, I don’t know what the heck they were smoking, but they did some major character assassination on Daryl. I’m talking MAJOR. Apologies if you’ve yet to see the episode, but I have to say this.

Walking Dead – AMC

Daryl, yes, DARYL, opens a front door and for some STUPID reason doesn’t see there’s a horde of zombies behind it. He doesn’t SEE them, he doesn’t HEAR them, he doesn’t SMELL them. No, he just opens the door and they all come pouring into the house and nearly kill him.

Remember Roger Rabbit? There’s a line where Jessica Rabbit, who’s this overly voluptuous cartoon character (she reminds me somewhat of Joan from Mad Men). Anyway she says “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.”

Poor Daryl should have something that says, “I’m not stupid, I’m just written that way.” I can’t believe the writers did that to him. Daryl is like the person most likely to survive the zombie melt-down and he does something that stupid!

I don’t blame the actor, I don’t blame the character, I blame the writers! Shame on you!

Mad Men will be returning for its final season. Yay! Last season took place during 1968 and according to the producer Matt Weiner, this final season probably will be in 1969. Don Draper still dresses, however, like it’s 1960.

Game of Thrones. Can’t wait! I’m going to do a marathon watching of my Season 3 Blu-Ray in preparation for Season 4, which premieres April 6th.

Remember my previous post about dragons? About how much I love dragons? Well, I gotta share this latest trailer for GoT cause it’s got more dragons in it!


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