Weekends and Werewolves

WorkingI’ve been working every weekend (except for the days I take off and that’s mainly so I can attend conventions like Odyssey Con) for nearly two years now. I work part-time so it’s not too much of a travail to work every single weekend. I work 2nd shift so I’m there until midnight. It’s not like I have any money to do anything wild and wooly on Saturday nights anyway, so I don’t mind. And since they basically just need someone to man (woman) the post, I can read and do other stuff.

So Fridays for me are like Sundays for those who work weekdays. On Fridays, I pretty much run a bunch of errands and chill out although I also work on other stuff too. For example, today I loaded up the newest book in my Sapphire Desire series, Her Lone Wolves (once the book goes live I’ll put up links to it). It’s about werewolves. I like werewolves. Maybe even better than vampires. I’d have to say that my favorite werewolf movies are the following:


Microsoft Clip Art

The Wolf Man (1941) 

The Howling (1981) 

Wolfen (1981) 

An American Werewolf in London (1981)  – 1981 was a pretty good year for werewolf movies!

Dog Soldiers (2002)

I actually liked Full Eclipse (1996), although it probably won’t appear on anyone’s top ten lists of all-time great werewolf movies. It’s a guilty pleasure. 🙂

Clive Standen as Rollo – Vikings – History Channel

Speaking of werewolves, I think Clive Standen, who plays the Viking Rollo on History Channel’s Vikings, would make a pretty good werewolf. He actually sort of favors my hero in Her Lone Wolves, Everett McKinnon.

Which isn’t too far off the mark now that I think about it.


Berserkers were these fierce Norse warriors who went into uncontrollable rages while fighting. Some even wore wolf pelts.  It’s also rumored that berserkers took some sort of hallucinogenic drug before they went into battle. There’s one such scene in Vikings, but that’s one of those things that could just as well not be true as be true.

Oh, speaking of Rollo, he’s had a bit of a rough go the last few episodes of Vikings. Poor baby! But I suppose it’s not such a good idea to betray one’s family, now is it?

But on last night’s episode he showed his bad-ass warrior side again. Welcome back, Rollo!