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tarot, tarot reader, tarot cards, fortune telling, fortune teller,I’ve been having so much fun blogging about tarot and writing I’ve decided to designate Tuesdays and Thursdays as Tarot Day. I’ll be blogging on those days specifically about the tarot. And not always as it relates to writing. I’ll talk about the tarot in general, specific cards, spreads, techniques, decks I own or hope to own, etc, though I’ll mainly center the posts around using the tarot for creative endeavors like writing, brainstorming, etc.

I’m planning on writing an e-book about using the tarot for writing so, if you have any questions or suggestions as to what you’d like to see in the book, please share then. I’ll set up a separate page on my website for the book and, anyone who contributes with questions or suggestions, will be acknowledged in the book.

Okay, so for my inaugural Tarot Thursday post, I’ve got a hodgepodge of stuff to share.

However, before I begin, for all you writers I’d like to share a FREE resource I came across. It’s over at the Writing-World website. It’s called A Writer’s Year – 2014.We’re already 2.5 months into 2014 but I’m sure you’ll still find it useful. It’s a 365 day planner, that you can download as either a pdf or an excel file. And for anyone doing CampNaNoWriMo in April, I’m sure it will be a handy resource. I’m planning on doing CampNaNoWriMo come April 1st. so I’m sure I’ll make use of it.

Okay, on to tarot stuff!

In the 1973 James Bond film, Live and Let Die starring Roger Moore (in his first outing as Bond, by the way), Yaphet Kotto and Jane Seymour, the lovely Seymour plays a character with the equally lovely name of Solitaire, who is a psychic and reads tarot cards for Kotto. The cards used in the movie are the Tarot of the Witches by Fergus Hall.

Tarot of the Witches – Fergus Hall

I used to own this deck, but I don’t anymore. It wasn’t one of my favorite decks, primarily because it doesn’t have pictures on the pip cards. But if you want to own it, you can purchase it here. The Rider-Waite deck also makes an appearance in the movie.

If you want to read more about the use of the tarot in the film, this website has a very nice summation of how the tarot is used.

I mention Live and Let Die mainly because the tarot  usually isn’t seen a lot in movies or television shows and, when it is does show up, it’s mostly so that someone can, with the requisite accompanying ominous sounding music, pull the Death card and, of course, predict the imminent demise of some character.  I have to say I kinda like the way the tarot is used in Live and Let Die (although it too uses the Death card to mean actual death). Plus you’ve got to love Seymour’s tarot-reading priestess get-up. 🙂

Here are some snippets from the movie showling Solitaire reading the cards for Kotto.

I own a lot of tarot cards and also oracle cards. Oracle cards are not divided up into Major and Minor arcana and they don’t have suits like the pentacles, cups, or wands. On average, with an oracle card deck you might get anywhere from 20 to 50 cards, maybe more. They usually center around some theme. They also tend to lean more toward positive feelings, events and experiences. They’re the kind of cards you’d use for meditation, for example, so they’re not as useful for me when it come to writing fiction  since fiction has to have a lot of bad stuff going on; obstacles, challenges and antagonists for the characters to face.

But if you’re interested in seeing some oracle decks, Aeclectic Tarot has a nice listing of them. You can read descriptions of the decks and also see sample cards from the deck.

One oracle deck I’d like to get my hands on is the Kuan Yin Oracle.

Kuan Yin Oracle Cards

I’d probably use this deck more for characterization, but it would be interesting to see how I could use it for plotting also. Once I get my hands on it, I’ll share my experiences with it.


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  1. Really interesting post. I love “Live and Let Die” – probably up there in my top 3 bond movies. I have a question on that. This movie teams up voodoo (with a Hollywood pinch of salt) with tarot. Do these two go hand in hand in some cultures?

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