Back to Walking!

WalkingOne of the things I learned from my walk today is NOT to let three months go by before I get back to walking. Ouch!

I was walking pretty regularly before winter came and slammed us so hard we’re all still reeling from it,

But today it was 50! 50! We haven’t had a temp of 50 since the first week of December! So I went for a walk. Or I should say I went for a swim!

The sun was out and it was warm and it was melting all those piles and mounds of snow. At one point I was walking alongside a small river. Water was everywhere. Dribbling off curbs, flowing down streets, gushing across sidewalks. There was a definite feeling of renewal in the air. Heck, I was even sweating and after shivering for three months, it felt good to do so

Of course, I should have known. We’re supposed to get an inch of snow tomorrow and then drop down to a high of 28 on Wednesday, But we’ll be back up in the 40s so I think I we’re starting to see a definite turn around in the weather. We should. The first day of spring isn’t far off. Thank goodness! This has been a winter for the record books with the relentless snowfall and the bone-chilling temps.

Another sure sign of spring (besides all that Daylight Saving Time nonsense and the warmer temps) is the return of both Game of Thrones and Mad Men, two shows I never miss an episode of. And, of course, there’s March Madness, opening day for all you baseball fans, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter…oh yeah, spring is on it’s way. 🙂


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