More Snow, More Tarot & Vikings!

Today is Thursday? Right? It’s been that kind of a week. I’m in the process of finishing edits for Her Lone Wolves, which tends to involve a different side of my brain than the brain that does the actual writing. I’m also running to doctor’s appointments (news is, of course, lose WEIGHT and EXERCISE) and I’m still getting rid of stuff. More books to sort through. And working extra hours at the ENJ (Evil Night Job). Fun, fun, fun!

Oh, and we got slammed with more snow the past few days. About seven inches more. See this? This is the backyard.

March Snow

Sun’s out today so we’re starting to get some melt and we’re supposed to even hit the low 40s on Monday, but it’s been a long, hard, cold, snowy winter.

Anyway, I needed to loosen up after all the travails of this week. So I picked up my Olympus Tarot deck and pulled this card.The Wheel It’s The Wheel or what is usually known as The Wheel of Fortune in traditional decks.

In the card we have the Moirae or what are commonly known as the Fates. There are three of them: Clotho the spinner, Lakhesis the measurer and Atropos, who cut the thread. The Moirae are symbolic of the eventual destiny of mortals.

It’s appropriate that in the Olympus Tarot they represent the Wheel of Fortune, for it is the card that represents life and death, fate and destiny.

The booklet that comes with the Olympus Tarot describes The Wheel card as “the three which guide destiny…more than goddesses…they sit on the lap of Zeus, but Zeus cannot touch them.” Even the king of the gods cannot sway them or deter them from their pupose. They are unavoidable thought and inevitableness.

This card also represents the Fates as the three stages of a woman’s life: maiden, mother and crone. The maiden spins the wheel that unravels our life, symbolizing birth; the mother decides how long the thread will be, representing the fruitfulness of our existence on earth, no matter how long or how short it is, and the crone is death, as she is the one who cuts the thread.

In Tarot for Writers, there are some quick brainstorming exercise that can be used to break writer’s block. I don’t necessarily believe in “writer’s block”. I think of it as more as “writer is sidetracked” or “writer has got a lot on his/her mind” or “writer has no idea what the heck to write about.” Brainstorming exercises can help you get back on track, move past whatever monkey-mind nonsense is distracting you or give you something to write about.

I’m going to use this card and select a brainstorming exercise at random from the book. It’s called What Happens Next. It says I should write about what I imagine might happen next.

Hmmm, well, I can see these three finishing up their spinning, measuring and snipping for the day and deciding to go out for the night. I mean they can’t possibly do that all the time, can they? Yes, there are billions of threads representing billions of lives that have to be spun and measured and cut, but surely these ladies get a night off once in a thousand years or so?

But where would they go? Would they be invited up to Mount Olympus to party with the happening crowd? Or would even the immortal gods not want these Debbie Downers hanging around? More than likely they’d go down to Hades’s realm and hang out with him and Persephone. They are the reasons Hades has a realm to rule over after all. All those souls whose lives are spun out and then cut by Atropos’s shears.

Yeah, that’s where’d they go to hang out. With Hades. They chat with Charon as he ferries them across the River Styx, pet Cerberus’ three heads as they make their way to the throne room and then whoop it up with the God of the Underworld. He would definitely appreciate all the hard work they do and probably show them a good time. 🙂

Anyway, if at some point I wanted to write a story based on the Greek myths, it would be kind of fun to cast these three as characters in the book.

Do they get along as they go about their business? Do they bicker and fight? Are they related? Does one enjoy her job more than the other? Does one hate her job? Perhaps one of them feels sympathy for the mortals who lives they are responsible for?

Oh, I almost forgot!! Vikings is on tonight. Yay!

Vikings – History Channel

I should have used a tarot based on Vikings for this post. Except I don’t have one. There are some available though. Here’s one  deck. Hmm, that deck looks pretty good. I think I’ll have to pick it up. 😉


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