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butterfly, butterflies, future, freedom, change, creativity, 2014, new yearI’m still going through my books, selecting some to keep and others to get rid of. I found I had another one of those Writer’s Little Instruction Books by Paul Raymond Martin. This one is title Inspiration and Motivation

I’m going to share some more inspiring quotes from that book.

No one has the stamina to write a book. So write a sentence, and another and another. Sentences become paragraphs. Paragraphs become scenes. Scenes become chapters. Chapters become books. So write a sentence.

Writing is a river. You have to keep swimming.

Writing is a lot like acting, except the writer gets to play all the roles. (I like this one. 🙂 )

Writers spend a lot of time finding out what they can’t do, only to discover they can do it. 

Writers seek out what is familiar in the strange and what is strange in the familiar.

Think of your story as a movie being shown on the inside of your forehead. Tell us what the characters do and say. (This is hard for me. I’m more auditory than visual. I hear my stories. I don’t really see them.) 

If for a time you can’t write well, write poorly. You can fix it later or throw it away.

Some writers compete with other writers. Better writers compete with themselves. The best writers compete with the possible. 


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