Tarot for Writers – Walking Dead Style

tarot, fortune telling, tarot spreads, crystal ball, reading tarot, telling fortunesNo matter what your interests, I have no doubt if you look hard enough you’ll find a tarot deck to suit you.

I happen to be a fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead which, as I’m sure you know, features zombies. The living dead who feed on the flesh of the dead. They’re called walkers on the show because they just stumble around looking for people to eat.

Well, there’s also a Zombie Tarot. Published by Quirk Books it was written and designed by Stacey Graham, Paul Keeple and Ralph Geroni. It’s a very unusual deck and I’ve yet to work with it so I decided to choose some cards from it to do another quick exercise from Tarot for Writers. (I’ve got to report to work today, so this will be very quick.)

In Tarot for Writers, Kenner has a writing practice where you choose two cards. One represents the protagonist and the other the conflict for the story.

I chose The Magician and the Seven of Swords from the Zombie Tarot.

The Zombie Tarot, tarot, zombies, walking dead

The Zombie Tarot – Paul Kepple & Stacey Graham

The Zombie tarot, tarot, zombies, walking dead
The Zombie Tarot – Paul Kepple & Stacey Graham

The booklet that comes with the deck describes The Magician as so:

Is the Magician working on a zombie cure? Or does he have something more sinister in mind? Don’t be fooled by this smooth talker’s ideas and opportunities: they may be too good to be true. Even when he seems extremely willing to help you with your problems, he likely has his own agenda.

Here’s the description for the Seven of Swords:

There’s one in every bunch. Keep an eye out for the person who is a little too enthusiastic about fondling the firepower. It’s possible she’s putting her own interests ahead of the group’s. When confronted with a plan, make sure it’s the best for everyone involved; it it sound sketchy, it probably is.

Okay, what’s interesting about these two cards is that on last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, two new characters were introduced. Dr. Eugene Porter and Abraham Ford, a soldier. Dr. Porter definitely reminds me of The Magician as he says he’s working on a cure for the walker affliction and Ford, who has “firepower” in the way of weapons, is on a mission to get Dr. Porter to Washington to “save the world.”

Interesting, hmmm?

Anyway, just glancing at these two cards, I couldn’t help but come with the idea of a scientist who is trying to cure the zombie plague (hey, sometimes there’s nothing wrong with going with the obvious), but he’s also married to this really gung-ho, gutsy, femme fatale who likes killing zombies so much that, hey, she’s just crazy enough to NOT want her husband to find a cure for the zombie plague.

Before the zombie apocalypse, she was just Dr. So and So’s beautiful little wifey. Now she’s a butt-kicking zombie killing machine and, anyway while her nerdy hubby is toiling away with his test tubes and chemicals, she’s getting it on with the buffed, beefy head of the zombie-killing militia, which makes it hard for the scientist to keep his mind on finding a cure when he’s worried about what his wife’s up to.


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  1. LOL, while the wee beasties and I enjoy watching The Walking Dead, I’m not a huge zombie fan. However, your story description reminded me of Buffy. Fun. So glad you’re doing these posts.

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