Not Breaking the Chain

chain, "Don't Break the Chain Calendar" Jerry Seinfeld, comedy, goal, daily goal, yearly goal, calendarSo far I’ve been pretty successful in not breaking the chain when it comes to writing every day.  Not that everything I’ve written since January 1st is amazing or mind-boggling or awesome. Hardly. But it’s important to me that I keep up with writing something every day even if it’s only a page or a paragraph.

Writing is a lot like exercising. Or pretty much anything. The more you do it, the better and stronger you’ll get at it. And the less you do it, the flabbier you’ll get and the harder it will be to get back into it.

I generally like to write, but sometimes it’s hard to sit down and shut out all the demands the world throws at one. We live in a world where all of us, in one way or another, is being tugged and pulled at by dozens, perhaps even hundreds of distractions. There’s not just our family and friends, our jobs or our schools. There’s the beguiling temptation of all these devices. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. More televisions shows and movies and books than we could ever hope to see or read or listen to in a dozen lifetimes.

No, it’s not easy to sit down and silence all that cacophony and concentrate on just your mind and your thoughts and put them down on paper or on a screen. Especially when, most likely, only a handful of people will read what you’ve written or even care.

But that hasn’t stopped other writers in the past, it doesn’t stop them in the present and it won’t in the future. It doesn’t stop artists, musicians, dancers, carpenters, mountaineers, skiers, bakers, teachers, people who are doing what they love or feel they need to do. We do these things because, in the long run, it’s what makes us human and it’s what make us who we are. It’s how we define ourselves and deliante ourselves. It’s how we tell ourselves that even if we don’t matter, we actually do. If only to ourselves.

So I keep on moving along that chain, linking each day’s writing to the one that came after and the one that will come before.

It’s not a very big chain, probably not even a very strong one.

But it’s there. I can see it and, I suppose, that’s what really matters. I can see  it.


2 thoughts on “Not Breaking the Chain

  1. I may have to take a step backwards and focus on something like this rather than individual WiP. Way to go Diana, you’ve done great with this project. May the chain continue unbroken 🙂

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