5 Great Articles about Using Tarot for Writing

tarot, fortune telling, tarot spreads, crystal ball, reading tarot, telling fortunesI use the Tarot a lot when I write. I have dozens and dozens of tarot decks. I collect them. I have tarots that feature vampires, Olympic gods, zombies, fairies, vodou, fairy tales, etc. I find them very useful. I use my tarot cards to brainstorm characters, ideas, plots, scenes, settings, etc.

I plan to blog more about how I use tarot for writing  at some point, but for now, since I have to go to my weekend job on this fine, sunny Sunday afternoon, I’ll quickly share some articles about using tarot for writing.

Tarot for Writers – Corrine Kenner

First off, if you’re interested in using tarot for writing, pick up this book Tarot for Writers by Corrine Kenner. I highly recommend it, and I never fail to mention it in the tarot and writing workshops I’ve done over the years.

Kenner’s book is not only a fantastic introduction to tarot, with meanings provided for all the cards, but she gives you great advice on how to use the tarot to create characters, brainstorm plots, come up with ideas and even to break writer’s block. I can’t recommend it enough. Consider it your basic textbook or guidebook for using the tarot for writing.

Kenner also has a book out called Astrology for Writers. I haven’t read it yet as I just heard about it. Like today. I’ve ordered it, however, and will let you know what I think of it. Based on Tarot for Writers and how useful it’s been for me, I don’t doubt Astrology for Writers will prove just as useful.

Article No. 1 – Using Tarot in Writing

My friend Raelyn Barclay has done a phenomenal job with the tarot. She is an amazing resource and you will learn a lot from her not only about writing and using the tarot but the tarot in general.

Article No. 2 – The Tarot as a Tool for Writing Your Novel

This is an excellent article by Marlisa Fabrega on how to use tarot to write your novel. She has great examples on how to use a single tarot card like the Empress, for example, to come up with a character for your story.

Article No. 3 – Tarot for Writers – Using Tarot to Find & Nurture Your Creative Muse

This article by Sarah Ockler talks about how she used tarot to write her YA novel. She has great tips, links to tarot resources and a list of books that feature tarot in them.

Article No. 4 – Using Tarot for Creative Writing

Janet Boyer provides links to spreads that can be used to do tarot readings for your characters. Have you ever tried that? It can be fun and give you insights into your characters that you didn’t have before.

Article No. 5 – Tarot and Creative Writing

This article by Ruth Ann Amberstone provides some handy questions to ask yourself before and during your writing sessions.

I hope these prove helpful to you if you’re considering using tarot in your writing or have already done so, but wanted to see what others have done with tarot and creative writing.

If you have any questions about using tarot for writing, please feel free to ask them in the comments section.


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  1. Aw, thanks for the shout out, my friend. I have you to thank for my interest in tarot, and the addictive deck collecting 😉 I’ll definitely check out the other links you’ve included here.

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