How Winter Has Made Me a Better Person

Walking, Diana Castle, cold, shiver, freezingThis has been a really, really horrible winter. I live in a part of the country where winters are always cold and snowy. But this winter has impacted parts of the nation where they’re just not used to this kind of weather.

Even here, this winter has been wearying and hard, with snow, more snow and more snow on top of snow. It’s supposed to snow today and on Monday we’re expecting another 3-5 inches!  And temps, that on average, have been below zero and wind chills so dangerous schools had to be closed.

But I think this really hard winter has, in it’s own horrible way, made me a better person.

For one thing, it’s made me more patient. I take my time walking when I’m outside so as not to slip and fall and break something I probably need to get around. Which allows me time, when I’m not keeping an eagle eye out for patches of ice, to appreciate my surroundings.

I drive slower and take my time getting where I need to go. I make sure I leave early so I’m not in a rush to get there. I also listen more to the classical music station as I find it soothes and calms me when I’m driving on slippery roads and so, winter has contributed to my appreciation of the fine arts.

Winter has caused me to appreciate reading and quiet time and taking it easy. When it takes me 15 minutes to get everything on I need to stay warm outside, I usually decide, nah, ain’t worth it. I’ll just stay home. Make some hot chocolate and chill out. Plus If I go anywhere I’ll spend money I can’t afford to spend. So winter has also made me thrifty.

Finally, winter has made me a better person because it’s made me thankful I have a warm place to stay, for there are many who don’t.

So, all in all, this has been a hard winter and I will not be sad or unhappy to see it finally go. Around these parts, we usually don’t breathe a sigh of relief that winter is finally, FINALLY over until early May. Seriously.

Sometimes spring does come early, however, and Punxsutawney Phil notwithstanding, I hope that it does. We’re actually going to finally hit 40 degrees next week. At least for a few days. It’s been over a month since that last happened. So there’s hope. There’s always hope. And, if winter does continue a little longer than it should or I would like it too (personally, if it were to hit 70 degrees tomorrow and stay there forever, I’d be ecstatic), at least there’s still a chance for it to make me an even better person.


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