Spring into Television!

Diana Castle, television, Game of Thrones, Vikings, Downtown Abbey, Face Off, Walking DeadSo here I sit still waiting patiently (although my patience is starting to wear pretty darn thin!)  for Spring to return with all its warmth and color and promise. Around here we’re still gripped in winter’s icy embrace. And I mean icy. We’ve gotten so much snow that there are just mounds and piles of it, as white as salt. Oh, and don’t get me started on salt. We need it to make sure the roads and sidewalks aren’t too slippery, but it cakes on your clothes and it mucks up your car and as soon as it’s, oh, about 40 degrees or so I’m taking the car over to the carwash.

But, since it’s now close to the middle of February, shows that were either on mid-season hiatus or are returning after a year off, are coming back.

First, there’s Walking Dead, which returns tonight after having been off for several weeks. I have to work on the weekends, so I’ll have to catch it On Demand later in the week. I have a love/hate relationship with Walking Dead. I love the characters, I sometimes hate the plotlines. But I’ve become too invested in these characters not to keep watching it.

Next up, Vikings, from the History Channel. I had heard about this show last year, but I never got a chance to check it out. My daughter urged me to watch it, but I’d already missed it but, fortunately, the History Channel is showing the entire first season as a prelude to the season 2 premiere on February 27th. What I’ve seen so far, which are only Episodes 1 and 2, I’ve liked. It’s kinda like Game of Thrones, gritty and sexy, but with Vikings.

The next two shows started in January, so I’m in the process of watching both of them now. I didn’t get into Downtown Abbey until last year, when I did one of those marathon viewings of Seasons 1-3. I like the show a lot. I like the characters and I like the way it’s written and directed. There are a lot of characters to handle and the series does a pretty good job of giving all the characters their due.

I hardly watch any reality shows. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my fictional shows. But I do like to watch Face Off on the Syfy Channel. I like Face Off because it involves creativity. The contestants are all make-up artists who are given a chance to compete for prizes and money. Every show is structured around the artists being giving a concept, like, create a Beast for Beauty and the Beast. They have three days to do it and then they are judged. Every creation has to also have a story around it, so it’s interesting watching how the artists base their makeup on both the concept they’re given and the story they make up.

Finally, there’s the granddaddy of them all. Game of Thrones, at least in my book. If nothing else, I know that  when Game of Thrones comes on, which is in early April, it’s either spring-like or close to spring. Season 3 was a bit slow and really didn’t pick up steam until the last few episodes, so I’m hoping Season 4 will be more exciting. I don’t have HBO anymore, but I may get it back. At least until Game of Thrones is done.


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  1. We’ve been trying to catch up to the current season of Walking Dead via Netflix. Otherwise, haven’t watched any of these. Downtown Abbey and Game of Thrones are on my list but I haven’t found the time, nor do I have HBO, LOL. The only show I drop everything for is Doctor Who 🙂

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