Take Ten – A House Divided

Take Ten for WritersFeeling a bit under the weather. Migraines. But I did manage to do another Take Ten exercise today before I found myself pretty much confined to the couch, where I wound up watching Age of Innocence. My third viewing of it, I believe.

Anyway, here’s today’s Take Ten for Writers exercise, which was called “A House Divided.”

I had to write about a division within a group or between individuals, start with “Knowing that there is more than one way”  and use the following words:

narrow-minded, nitty-gritty, on-site, one-sided, passer-by 

Knowing that there is more than one way to skin a cat, Carla hurried by the solitary passer-by on the street that night and made her way up the winding path towards the top of the hill. She had been arguing with her sister witches as to what to do about the warlock who had just moved to the city. Her sister witches, who were all very narrow-minded, wanted to kill the warlock right out. They didn’t hold with a man practicing magic in what they saw as their city, their territory.

Warlocks had been driven out of the city decades ago, the last one having been hanged when it was discovered he had tried to corrupt one of the witches to his side and involve her in his shenanigans, which had included, among other things, putting spells on the members of the city council so that they would approve bills and appointments that served the needs of the warlock’s clients. One of the things the witches of this city had pledged to do was not involve themselves with city politics. Carla had thought this a foolish rule because if one had power as the witches possessed and yet did not use them to their benefit, then what was the point of having the power in the first place.

As for this new warlock who had dared to move to a city in which the last warlock had been hanged, Carla could not help wondering what he was about. No one had seen him yet, but the moment he crossed the city line, his magic had thrummed along the lines of power connecting each witch to her sister so strongly it had not been long before a meeting of the coven was called.

Carla had attended that meeting and had nearly laughed at the hysteria and raised voices that had thundered through the room. One would have thought a hundred warlocks had descended upon the city instead of just the one. It had not taken the coven long to determine that he must be dealt with and quickly. The vote had been decidedly one-sided with Carla’s the only dissenting vote. Death. She had thought it best to wait before killing the warlock and find out what he was about. But the coven had overruled her. Some had wanted the warlock brought before the coven and killed on-site. But when it came to who should go and fetch the warlock, the discussion had become quite heated as no one really wanted to do the actual nitty-gritty work of capturing the warlock alive and bringing him forth.

So when the coven decided to reconvene a week hence to decide how to deal with the warlock, Carla took it upon herself to find him and confront him. She didn’t know whether she wanted to save his life or not. Something told her, however, it was probably best that he die. But, before he did, she wanted to see for herself an actual, real-life warlock. If nothing than for curiosity’s sake. She’d decide what to do about him after that.


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