Six More Weeks!

groundhog, groundhog day,  February 2, So Punxsutawney Phil has predicted six more weeks of winter. No early spring. No relief from this torturous cycle of snow, cold, more snow, more cold. Of course, as a certain meme that’s currently making its way around social media circles states, Punxsutawney Phil might just want to screech as its’s being lofted into the air “Dammit, Jim! I’m a rodent, not a meteorologist. ”

I’ve never paid much attention to all this Groundhog Day stuff as I figured there’s no way that groundhog (Marmota monax), also known as a woodchuckwhistle-pig, or in some areas land-beaver, and is a rodent of the family Sciuridae, belonging to the group of large ground squirrels known as marmots (courtesy of Wikipedia) is ever going to be able to predict how long it will be before spring arrives based on whether or not it sees its shadow.  And how does that go anyway? It sees its shadow and what? I forgot.

All I know is that when winter is finally over, it’ll be over. Until next winter. Whether it’s a month from now, or six Walking, Diana Castle, cold, shiver, freezingweeks or eight weeks, I’m just going to do what I’ve been doing because I live in an area where a couple of inches of snow is par for the course on a nearly daily basis and we’ve had to deal with wind chills on some days of -40 degrees.  Before this city would ever shut down, with people stuck in traffic for hours, we’re going to have to have a snow storm where it snows 2 feet in 2 hours. No brag, just fact.  We’ve dealt with harsh winters pretty much every winter, except for a few really nice, warm ones, and we have the plows and the salt and the sand and the people experienced with dealing with the snow and cold. I feel for those who have had to deal with this wintry weather without those resources at hand.

So, wherever you are, and with the winter we’ve had so far not too many states can say they’ve not been touched by winter’s fury, Happy Groundhog Day!

Six more weeks of winter? Piece of cake! 🙂


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