Yes, another darn free book! :)

free, free e-books, free books,I know. I know. There are loads and loads and LOADS of free e-books being offered every single day. More than any of us could read in a lifetime! Or a hundred lifetimes for that matter. I’ve got quite a few of them on my Kindle Fire. Some of I’ve read and some I’m still waiting to read.

So, yeah, I’m going to add to that influx of free books. Why not? It’s not going to cost you anything to download it and, if you get a chance, and you do read it, maybe, just maybe you’ll like it, give it an amazing review, other people will read it and I’ll make a million dollars and retire to some tropical island.

Yeah, right. That’ll happen in that parallel universe where I’m already rich.

Still, it is free, at least until this Friday, so if you’re inclined to read a hot romance and if you’re like me, shivering as another polar vortex rips through your region, here’s one you can download for free.

I did mention that it’s free, right? ūüėČ

Her Immoral Love, Diana Castle, immortality, younger man, older woman, paranormal romance, romance, erotic romanceStarting¬†Monday, January 27¬†through¬†Friday, January 31, you can get¬†Her Immortal Love¬†for free! This is a¬†limited time offer¬†so don’t miss your chance to download¬†Her Immortal Love¬†for free at¬†Amazon.

Her Immortal Love¬†¬†–¬†Sapphire Desire¬†Series

When Lydia March meets Tristan Drake, a handsome, sexy, younger man who adores her, she believes she has found the perfect man to ease the pain of her divorce from her cheating ex-husband.

But when her own doubts and those of her family regarding her relationship with Tristan begin to grow stronger, can Lydia hold on to the happiness she’s found with Tristan?

Especially when she discovers that he’s not been entirely truthful with her