Slippery When Iced

ice, winter, falling on ice, walk like a penguin, safety, being safe on iceI heard so much about the polar vortex this past week that I’m sure you did too. I finally decided to look it up over at Wikipedia, because besides sounding like the title of some Syfy Channel original apocalyptic disaster of the week movie, I had no idea what the heck it was.

According to Wikipedia, and I quote, a polar vortex is “a persistent, large-scale cyclone located near either of a planet’s geographical poles.”

So I’m assuming this one dipped down into the lower 48 states and that’s what was responsible for the incredibly cold temps we had earlier in the week.

I was going to look up more on the PV, but I just got overwhelmed by it all. TMIF. Far too much information.

All I need to do is look at this map from last Tuesday and that’s all I really need to know about the Polar Vortex. Whatever it was, it made it really, really COLD!

Today, in these parts at least, the current temp is 36, which is close to a 60 degree difference in the way it feels outside today compared to a week ago. The sun is even trying to peek through the clouds every now and then and it’s also melting some (mind you, some) of the ice and snow.

Only problem is my  driveway is a sheet of ice right now and if the ice melts, great, but if this slushy mess is still on the driveway (which it will be because it’s not going to stay warm enough long enough to melt it all) and the temps drop below freezing (which it will because it’s only January 12th), it’ll turn into another ice rink.

When I got to work last night, I was told there had been a lot of slips and falls around the building. I’ve fallen a few times during past winters. If I can help it, I don’t want to fall anymore

Most advice for walking on ice is to walk like a penguin, meaning keeping your center of gravity over your front foot.

Here’s a video with more advice on how to walk safely on ice.

A guy at work suggested I get some of these. I may do that so I can walk in the winter.


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