Slippery Saturday

I haven’t been outside yet, but from where I sit it looks dangerously slippery out there. It’s way warmer than it was earlier this week when we were dealing with -15 degrees temps and wind chills in the -40 to -50 degrees.

It’s 34 degrees currently, but judging from the ugly mix of rain, sleet, ice and snow we got over the past 24 hours, it doesn’t look all that great for waking or driving. And there’s no sun. Why does it get warmer (relatively speaking) but there’s no sunshine to go with it?

Ugh. January. Double ugh! Spring,  I can’t wait for spring! Well, I’ll just have to be extra careful when I leave for work this afternoon.

Anyway, I just finished writing so I’m feeling pretty good right now.

Picard dancing, dancing, Star Trek TNG, The Next Generation, celebrating, cool

Feeling very mellow.

Just hope it’s somewhat quiet at work tonight. When it’s quiet I can get some reading done. It’s one of those jobs where, essentially, they just need someone there to take care of whatever happens to come up between four and midnight on the weekends, so it’s a good idea  to bring some reading material just in case it is slow.