Fridays are My Sundays

jazz, saxophone, smooth jazz, Songza, listening, music,Since I work on the weekend, Fridays are my Sundays. I try to get as much done on Fridays as I can, but I find myself pretty much running errands  than doing any actual  writing, although I do manage to get some writing done.

Over at Songza, today’s playlist while I worked on the writing I was able to get done was The Smoothest of Smooth Jazz. I like listening to music when I write, but it can’t have any lyrics. Hearing words while I’m writing interrupts the flow of the words I’m trying to get down on the page. I really like this particular playlist. Some of my favorite jazz  musicians like Chris Boti, Jeff Lorber, and Lee Ritenour are featured.

This city used to have a smooth jazz station but it didn’t stick around long. I suppose the larger markets have jazz stations, but I can always listen to jazz on Songza, TuneIn and IHeart Radio.

blood, blood donation, National Blood Donation month, January, save a lifeOh, by the way, January is National Blood Donor Month. Holidays and winter are always a hard time for blood donations, so if you get a chance this month or any month, donate blood.

Here’s info on where you can donate. Blood Donor Info at the American Red Cross

So, for those of you for whom Friday is really, truly Friday, TGIF! I can’t share in that sentiment, of course, but I’m glad it’s a Friday for the rest of you. Enjoy!


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  1. We don’t donate blood at the Red Cross here in Vegas. In fact, it is a much more convoluted and irritating process. I miss being able to run into the Red Cross. Sigh. I do, however, donate quarterly.

    Hope work goes well 🙂

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