A Toolbox of Useful Apps

tool box, apps, tools, Kindle FIre apps, writing apps,I’m going to share some of the apps I use on my Kindle Fire that I’ve found useful, especially when it comes to writing. I think of them as my apps toolkit. Since I have a Kindle Fire, I’ve gotten all of these apps from the App Store at Amazon so they’re basically for Android, but they’re probably available for other devices or you can find apps that are similar.

Name Dice

This app lets me quickly choose a name for characters.


I love listening to music when I write and Songza has a lot of interesting playlists you can listen to, like the Beer Soaked Toga Stomp list I talked about yesterday.

Story Dice

Story Dice

This is a great app for coming up with ideas when you write to do timed writers.


I love my Netflix app because I can stream all kinds of movies and television shows. Very useful when I want to watch something that could inspire an idea for a story.

Stopwatch and Timer Pro

This app has a lot of uses. I use it for timed writings and to make sure I get up and move around while writing.

Overdrive Media

overdrive media, overdrive, audio books, library audio books

Overdrive Media Console

This app lets me download audio books from my local library.

Writing Challenge Creative Prompts

This is a fun prompt for coming up with ideas for timed writings or if you just need an idea for a story or character.


Another favorite music streamer, but I’m not fond of the audio commercials that sometimes break my concentration.

Fake Name Generator

This is also useful for coming up with names for characters.

Relax Melodies

relax melodies, app, relaxing music app, music app, useful app

Relax Melodies

If I need to relax while writing or, most especially, before sitting down to write I love listening to this app.


For research, of course.

Calculator Plus

To calculate all the money I someday hope to make. 🙂

I have many more apps on my Kindle Fire, but these are the ones I make the most use of. If you have any favorite apps, feel free to share them.


4 thoughts on “A Toolbox of Useful Apps

  1. My Kindle is a basic eReader because I’m on the computer enough not to want to read with that back light. I’ll have to see which of these might work with my phone. (Already have and use Pandora and Netflix.) Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. You’re welcome! I have one of the basic Kindle eReader also. I love it because it’s also a lot lighter than my Fire. The Name Dice app is really helpful when I’m drafting and I need a name quick, especially for a minor character. I figure I can always change the name if I don’t like it in subsequent drafts.

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