Beer Soaked Toga Stomp

dancing, moving, exercise, breaks, taking break, moving around,So today while writing I listened to the Beer Soaked Toga Stomp Playlist (inspired by that classic 70’s movie Animal House over at Songza .  Songs like the Isley Brother’s Shout  were among the many that were featured on the playlist. And, seriously, you have to be dead or something if you hear that  song and don’t want to start moving your butt! Actually, the song Shout figured prominently in Animal House.

So, anyway, listening to all those crazy, rocking’ early 60’s songs got me to thinking about all those crazy, rockin’ dances from the 60s like The Monkey, the Pony, the Mashed Potatoes. Was curious if there was anything on the Internet about those dances.

Duh! Of course there was!

Let’s go party!party, dancing, disco, fun, dance, 60's

Hey, you’ve got to admit the lady’s sure got a lot of energy and seems to be totally enjoying herself.

The video is only five minutes long and I think it’d be a great picker-upper when I need to get up and move around after sitting too long while writing. Plus I’ll have some cool dance moves to show off for any 60’s themed party I may someday happen to attend. The Shimmy? Hell, yeah,  I know how to shimmy!

See, I’ve been setting my timer app to buzz off every 20 minutes to make certain I get up  from my chair and move around. Sitting for long stretches of time is NOT healthy. Plus it makes your butt big.

Here’s an article that cites evidence that taking a break every 20 minutes or so and getting up and doing some kind of light to moderate activity could help lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

girl, dancing, happy, joy, 60's dance,So, yeah, more than likely I’ll be joining Perky 60’s Dance Lady and getting up and doing The Jerk, the Temptation Walk and the Shimmy to get the blood flowing.

It’s too darn cold to walk for the time being so I gotta find something to do around the house to make sure I move around.


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