The Hope and the Promise

New Year, Resolutions, new year's resolutions, hope, promiseThe beginning of a new year is always filled with such promise, isn’t it? Although for those of us living in climates currently gripped in winter’s icy hold, January looms before us as one of the longest months of the year with some of it’s shortest, coldest, wintry days, and yet the 1st of January can still make us feel as fresh as a June morning because no matter how bad things may have been in the year now past, no matter how much we may have strayed from our path or fallen short of our goals, dreams and aspirations, there’s always tomorrow. There’s always another year to make it right.

Of course, it’s interesting how quickly that brand new shiny New Year turns into a musty, hoary Old Year with its attendant disappointments and disillusionments, but it’s the promise that something better is just around the next bend or corner that keeps us going no matter what.

Like everyone, I’ve got a lot of goals I want to accomplish this year.Dreams I’ve conjured up like gossamer wings to fly me to my highest aspirations. Nothing wrong with that, I figure. It doesn’t cost anything to dream. Just a little time and the loss of a bit of skepticism.

So lift up your glass or mug or cup and toast this brand new shiny New Year of 2014!

Enjoy it for as long as you can, this hope, this promise, this giddy sense of possibility. Let that feeling  sparkle and shine like glitter, let it hum along like the engine of a new car, let it squeak and crease like a brand new pair of boots, let it lift you up just a little higher than you were last year.


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