Today’s Walk – 10/22/13

WalkingNo excuses. Because I have none to offer. I haven’t walked since my last post on October 16th, but I did walk today. It was cold! Gloves, hats, layered clothing. Had ’em all on. I missed walking, but I just haven’t done it the past six days. It was a good walk, nevertheless. It was a chilly 28 degrees but the sun was shining. There was lots of leaves on the ground, but plenty still on the trees, and they were all red and gold and yellow and green.

I love this time of autumn. Those last couple of weeks of October. Just enough leaves still on the tress that it doesn’t look wintry yet, but lots on the ground. Halloween decorations, pumpkins and gourds on the porches. I would love to live in a land that was perpetually late autumn.

It was a good thing I walked today too because while walking I came up with a solution to a bit of a thorny issue I was having with a character for my next book, a wintry werewolf novella.

Start Time: 8:10 a.m.

Duration: 45 minutes

Weather: Sunny, a chilly 28 degrees!

Dog Sighting: 2