Today’s Walk – Missing it!

WalkingI am really missing my daily walks, but this darn cold has gotten into my chest and I’m coughing now, so I’ll have to be extra careful to get as much rest as I can and not have it turn into a full-blown, nasty chest cold with its attendant misery. Darn it all, the weather has been so gorgeous too with the leaves finally turning and the temps so warm but not muggy. Next week we’re going to turn pretty chilly.

I live near two small parks which are also heavily wooded so that they look like tiny forests so it’s especially pretty when the leaves are turning. Oh, well. What I need to focus on is getting well as soon as I can. I work weekends and I want to be feeling better by then. By the way, I work part-time for the Federal government, but fortunately I have not been furloughed. But I hope this situation in our nation’s capital is wrapped up soon.

Fall leaves

Well, although I am doing my best to rest, I do need to run out briefly for supplies. You know, boxes of tissues, chicken soup, orange juice, throat logenzes for my cough. I still have some tea, which I like to sip on when I have a cold.

I’ve still managed to keep prepping for NaNo and to edit some chapters, but not as much as I would have preferred. I even went down to the library again on Monday (before I got sick, of course) and worked on another chapter. It was a bit noisier that day because they were having story time, but I didn’t mind. I liked hearing and seeing all the little ones enjoying the new children’s area downstairs. 🙂

But I must rest and, once I’m well, I’ll have to be extra careful when I’m at work. Oh, yeah, I got this cold from work. There’s no doubt in my mind about that. I’m usually really, really careful about washing my hands and wiping down my workstation, but I was careless last weekend and that’s how I got sick. I don’t want to spend the fall, winter and spring seasons sick, so, barring wearing a hazmat suit to work. I’ll just have to be more careful.


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