#1 – NaNoWriMo – Start Your Engines – Setting

nanowrimo2660x963_1In just under a month NaNoWriMo starts. For those who haven’t yet heard about it, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. Every November thousands of writers commit themselves to writing at least 50,000 words in a month. Over the years it’s become a well-known yearly event.

I’ve done NaNo since 2004 and only missed it once in 2006. Now, having said that, I’ve only “won” (meaning I wrote 50,000 words by the November 30th deadline) a few times and, some years, I’ve started and not finished. I know, bummer. But every year around this time I gear up again to give it another go.

For NaNo 2013, my goal is to write the first book of a new paranormal series. NaNo starts on Friday, November 1st at midnight. That gives me, let’s see, starting today, twenty-six (26) days to prep for it.

Some people prep for NaNo and some don’t. I’m a big pre-planner when it comes to writing, so I’m definitely prepping.

What I’d like to do here is share some of the tools and techniques that not only help me prepare for NaNo but keep me going through November.

I’m hoping to post every day, but if I don’t (because, like everyone else in these somewhat uncertain and tumultuous times, my life is in something of a tizzy) I hope to at least post every other day or whenever I can. So feel free to stop by and see what I’ve put it.

For today’s NaNoWriMo – Start Your Engines post, I’m going to share some websites I found useful for creating and writing about setting. There won’t be any rhyme or reason to my postings. It’ll be something of a grab bag. Some days I’ll talk about setting or characters or plotting or research.

First, off Wiki Travel – A Free Travel Guide – I like using Wiki Travel to get information on cities and countries around the world.

Next, Google Earth – If you haven’t used of Google Earth for your writing, seriously, what are you waiting for? I use it to get street level views of cities and places around the globe. You can download it to your computer  or tablet or whatever you’re using.

Generators – There are tons of generators out there for those occasions when you’re you stumped or you’re blazing along with your writing and need to quickly come up with a character or or a plot or a setting.

Setting and Locations

Springhole Net – Locations and Settings

True Magic

Seventh Sanctum – Settings

Chaotic Shiny: Civilization Generator  Need to create a civilization in a hurry?

Make sure to stop by during the month October for more posts on starting your NaNoWriMo engines!

And if you have any suggestions, tools or techniques you use to get ready for NaNoWriMo, share them.  Sharing helps others and you earn good karma points. 🙂   Diana Castle, NaNoWriMo, race cars, start your engines, writing, NaNoWriMo prep

Oh, and if you’re doing NaNo and you want to Buddy Me, you can find me at the NaNo website under Diana Castle.

NaNo is crazy, fun and sometimes frustrating, so the more the merrier. The forums are active so it’s a great time to head on over there and get to know folks before November.

So, come on, start your engines and let’s get going! 50,000 words here we come!


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  1. I’m going to give it another go this year. If I don’t make the 50,000, that’s fine. I’d like to, of course, but sometimes I just use NaNo as a way to at least get started on a project. 🙂

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