Today’s Walk – 10/1/13

WalkingHappy October 1st! My favorite month due to Halloween being one of my favorite holidays. It’s been a month since I started my walking program and three weeks since I started blogging about it. Blogging about my walks has definitely helped me stay on track.

Today was a good morning to walk with the sunny skies and the comfortable temps. The wind was a bit brisk, but all in all it felt really good walking. The leaves are turning and falling and sometimes I found myself walking in a shower of falling leaves. The leaves made a nice crunchy, crispy sound under my shoes. October, Fall, Halloween, Diana Castel

There’s a good chance, though not yet definite, that I will have to switch my walks to the evenings. I got a call last week that I might have a temporary assignment coming up, which will be 8 to 5 on the weekdays. If that assignment does come through, I’ll be working seven days a week due to my also working every weekend evening.

So, I’ll have to write/edit in the mornings before work then walk in the evenings. Again, not yet definite but I should hear something this week regarding it. Working seven days a week for about a month is going to be a bit crazy so I’ll most definitely need to keep up the walking for the energy level if nothing else!

Start Time: 7:45 a.m.

Duration: 45 minutes

Weather: Sunny, temp 60, dew point 57, wind was brisk keeping it cool

Dog Sighting: 5, plus two baby carriages and two joggers.