Today’s Walk – 9/27/13

WalkingI usually don’t walk angry. I walk early enough in the mornings that even if something happened yesterday that made me angry, having slept on it, I’m usually more resigned or forgiving or at least accepting of what happened.

I walked angry today. I was angrier at myself for the most part, but I can’t deny that anger, angry, Diana Castle, walking, emotions, frustrationyesterday’s unexpected arrival of family member had something to do with it. It sent yesterday into quite the tailspin because, instead of writing and editing and doing the other things I usually do on a typical day, I had to put out fires of an emotional nature.

The reason I was angry when I walked this morning was because I began to see a pattern emerging based on decisions I’ve made and said family member have made over the years that led to this. So, perhaps, it was less anger than just frustration. I would advise that if you are angry or frustrated or just stressed, walking is a good remedy. Even if it’s just for five minutes. You can release a lot of pent up emotions by pounding the pavement. I wasn’t angry throughout my entire walk, just phases of it.

I don’t like being angry as I believe that it does more damage to me than the situation or, most especially, the person or persons I’m angry at. But I’m only human. I do get angry. Upset. Frustrated. And I think it was better for me to walk while I was feeling that way than not walk.

Well, I’m not angry anymore. I know what I have to do, I will do it and then I will move on. Since tomorrow is Saturday, I will take a break from my daily walk, but after having walked last Sunday I’m going to add it to my walking schedule.

Saw Gus this morning. Always nice to see him. He ignored me, as usual. 🙂

Start Time: 8:05 a.m.

Duration: 45 minutes

Weather: Sunny, temp 48, dew point 47, wind was calm

Dog Sighting: 5, including Gus


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