Today’s Walk – 9/26/13

WalkingHaving a schedule is good. It means you’re being persistent and sticking to the task. Having a schedule disrupted is usually not good. Especially when schedule is disrupted by a surprise. Such as the arrival of an unexpected family member in the middle of the night. Oh, yes, it was rather tempting not to go for my walk this morning. I’m the kind of person who likes stability. The clock-work precision of basically doing the same thing around the same time of the day with no disruptions.surprise, Diana Castle, walking, life, unexpected

Life, however, is not precise, stable and doesn’t give a hoot for our clocks, timetables or schedules. Life is messy, chaotic and frequently, well, surprising.

But I did walk, and I tried not to dwell too much on the unexpected appearance of said family member. It was a cloudy, cool, foggy morning. The dew point is up so there’s definitely more moisture in the air, thus the fog. It was pretty thick, and I live in the city so can only imagine what it was like in outlying areas. Didn’t see that many folks out walking dogs, but was passed by quite a few runners.

Walking while it’s foggy, you can’t see that much in the distance, if anything but fog. But as you keep going and as you get closer, once you get to what you couldn’t see before, you discover it’s a tree or a light post or a full-length mirror someone left at the curb for garbage pickup.

Life is like that, I suppose. You never know what’s coming (i.e. unexpected arrivals), you can never see what’s up ahead, but if you keep moving and you keep going, you get there eventually, and you finally see what it was you couldn’t see before. Bad, good, whatever; you see it for what it really is.

Start Time: 7:25 a.m.

Duration: 45 minutes

Weather: Cloudy, foggy, temp 51, dew point 49, wind SE at 8 mph

Dog Sighting: 2, but far ahead in the foggy distance