Today’s Walk – 9/23/13

WalkingBrrr. A bit nippier this bright, crisp Monday morning. Was again tempted to put on a pair of gloves but once I get moving I warmed up some. Left for my walk at 7:00 a.m.. Big difference from the silence and serenity of Sunday morning. Cars rushing about, buses, bikes, children and their harried parents.

Saw a lot more dogs this morning also. Including Gus! He, however, was sniffing at a light pole. Apparently I was not on his doggy radar.

A lot of the times when I’m walking, I will mull over a scene that’s proving thorny to edit. I get so deep into that scene that, when I snap out of my mulling, I realized I’ve walked a whole block without totally being aware I had!

I definitely needed to walk this morning. Had a rather stressful evening at work, so needed to release some of the tension I still felt even as I tried to sleep.

Start Time: 7:00 a.m.

Duration: 45 minutesWalking, Diana Castle, cold, shiver, freezing

Weather: Sunny, 45 degrees, dew point 42 (so it felt like 43) wind SE at 8 mph

Dog Sighting: A lot! Including Gus.